Tuesday, 28 February 2012

LUSH Porridge Soap Review


Anyone who knows the first thing about me will know that I am obsessed with Lush products. I literally cannot go into a Lush and not buy anything. That is just mission impossible.
I was on a school trip a few weeks back and had to go past a Lush... Without going in! Oh, da pain.
Haha but really, let's get on with the review!

So back in January I was in England for a week, and visited a couple of different Lush stores, and picked up three soaps. I didn't buy anything else as I was travelling by plane and it was just kinda complicated with the whole liquids thing and having to keep certain products in the fridge, but I still got myself a few goodies, thank goodness! I've already posted a review on the Snow Globe Soap that you can read here.

Anyway, enough of my rambling and on to the review! I purchased a 100g bar of the Porridge Soap, which is available in Lush's permanent line.
I haven't used the whole thing up yet, I only use small chunks at a time because I like to switch up my products often and try all different scents, so I just cut off little chunks.

At first, I was worried that it would just all melt away really quickly, because it felt very melty in my hands and just touching it I could tell it would be really moisturising.
If you've never seen it before, it's a beige (porridge coloured, to be exact) soap with porridge oats in it. The big slabs of it they have in store also have a picture of Goldilocks & the Three Bears embossed on the top, which I think is an adorable little detail.

It smells like a mix of porridge, molasses and a hint of chocolate, but not that damn awful fake chocolate smell you often get, like the real stuff, and I also detect some vanilla in there, which is lovely because vanilla is my favourite scent in the whole world.

I didn't use my Soap & Glory ScrubGloves with this soap because I didn't feel the need to, as the porridge oats make it naturally exfoliating.
I just used it on it's own and it lathered up nicely. Some of it did melt away slightly from the porridge oats, and I think perhaps there should be slightly less oats in it, although I did love that they exfoliated my skin really nicely without drying it out or being too harsh.
The soap part, excluding the oats, was really nice and moisturising, felt almost milky on my skin, which was lovely.
It also did a really good job of getting me nice and clean! I liked that it was abrasive enough to not need a loofah, without being too hard.
When I got out of the shower and towel dried my body, then scent was still there, although only faintly. I followed up with my Vanilla Spice Body Butter from The Body Shop, and the two scents went really nicely together. I could probably go without body butter because this was so nice and moisturising, sort of like having a milk bath, Cleopatra-style, only with less effort, but I always love the sheen and feel body butters give to my skin, so I use one most of the time.

Overall, I did really like it and I recommend checking it out, I think it would work for all skin types, because it wasn't harsh or drying at all.

Scent: ♥♥♥♥♥*
Texture: ♥♥♥*
Bath Effects: ♥* - This is a shower product, so it doesn't change the color of your water or anything, obviously. But it lathers nicely!
Price: ♥♥♥* - It's £2.95/100g, which I guess is a tad expensive for soap, but with Lush, I definitely think it's worth it. And solid soaps tend to last a while too!

Total: 16/20

Ratings go from one heart ♥ (bad) to 5 hearts ♥♥♥♥♥ (excellent) to form a rating out of 20.

If you want to see the soap I actually bought and here me talk about it with my first impressions, I hauled it!

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/okoWBPYVmzs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

(I start talking about it around 8 minutes in)

Also, I just made an account on Lush's website, feel free to follow me on there!


Thanks for reading my review, let me know your thoughts on this soap if you've tried it :)
Love you! <3

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Rant: Hating On Gurus Who Make Money

Hey all,

so I've been wanting to make a video addressing this for a while: the hate people get for being paid for their videos.
I decided to write a blog post about it because I can't fit this into a tweet, so here goes.
On twitter I saw the lovely meghanrosette setting the record straight on getting paid through YouTube and the hard work that goes into making videos.
People! I know a lot of people will argue that it's super easy to film a video that's five minutes long and upload it, that it should only be a hobby and you should not get paid for it. As a YouTuber and beauty "guru", I'm here to say things as they are: making videos takes a lot of time. Sure, a direct webcam upload takes ten minutes. But no-one wants to watch that. Here's how it goes when I film: I film for 15-30 minutes per video (if it's a tutorial or a big haul, especially), then I import the footage, then I edit, and that takes an hour to two hours per video, then I save the video and in the meantime research my links. Once the video is saved I upload it, write the decription, tags, enter all the information you need, answer comments, messages, etc... And I haven't even hit 200 subscribers yet (getting there though! [: ). This takes hours. And that's not to mention the setup, which I will talk about later.

Now imagine a guru like meghanrosette who is approaching 100k subscribers. Think how many comments she has to reply to, messages, tweets... It consumes a lot of your day. Meanwhile, she's at college, and maintaining a social life as well as good grades. It isn't easy. 
As for being paid. I think it is perfectly reasonable to be paid for making videos if you put a lot of time and effort into them. Because not only do you spend time (which you could be spending having a "proper" job and earning money that way) on them, but you also have to buy equipment.

For instance, I just got an HD camera, it's amazing. But hey it cost around £250. That's like $400 to my US viewers, btw.
I also got a set of professional lights, another £100.
And I'm not even a youtube partner! Yet I've spend hundreds on my youtube channel, not only in money but in time and in effort. I'm not in it for the money, and neither are most people. There are easier ways to ear money.

Now think of people who post more regularly than me, who have even better equipment...
So I think it's fine to be paid by YouTube. I'd much rather video creators were paid by YouTube to keep doing just what they are doing than being sponsored and making videos just about the sponsored product placement, for example (I don't mind the occasional sponsored review though).
So yeah, that's my opinions on all that.

Plus, with most jobs, you don't deal with hate. And it doesn't affect your personal life as much. People have had their personal stuff leaked all over the internet and get hated on every single day, and they keep going. Believe me, money has nothing to do with it.
Now, YT may not be the hardest job in the world, but it isn't the easiest either. There are great things about it, seriously, when you guys comment nice things and message me asking for advice, it's an amazing feeling. And I wouldn't stop doing it for the world.

Now you can argue that doing YouTube isn't as bad as working in sewers, I guess that's true, though i haven't ever been in a sewer so I can't compare. And I'm sure it beats a lot of crappy boring jobs out there.
For me, YouTube is more than a hobby. It's not a job, I'm not paid. But I love it.
But for those who are paid, more power to them! YouTube isn't an easy thing. Not for those who have worked at it enough to get partnership.
To Meghan, good luck with it all girl, your videos are awesome :]


PS. YouTube contacted me a while ago offering to monetize my videos because I was getting enough views or whatever. I'm not yet decided if I'll do it or not yet. I don't feel like I deserve it to be honest! But I'll think about it :)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Get The Look: Aria Montgomery [Pretty Little Liars]

Hello my lovelies!
Today I thought I would start a little 'Get The Look' series for you all. Starting off with my style obsession, Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars!
I've been a fan of Lucy Hale, the actress, ever since she appeared on Privileged, long before her PLL fame, and believe me, her outfits were already adorable back then!
I am absolutely IN LOVE with how Aria dresses on the show, I'm actually going to do a hair, makeup and fashion video specifically for her sometime soon, but until then, I thought I would do a quick post on how to get her look :)

Aria Montgomery Style

Floral dress
£25 - republic.co.uk

£45 - republic.co.uk

ASOS bracelet

Mixology NYC anchor chain necklace
$150 - maxandchloe.com

I actually own those boots, and I adore them!
I hope you liked this little post, let me know if you'd like more! :)